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  • Do I have to be an LGBT+ Youth to apply?
    NO - BUT - Our programs are design with LGBT+ Youth in mind. We are passionate in create a safe space for LGBT+ youth to be their full authentic self. In order to accomplish this we ask non-LGBT+ members to have the social awareness of the LGBT+ community before applying. Any youth who creates an unsafe enviornment for our youth members will be not be able to further enroll in any of our programs.
  • What is the age range for "Youth"?"
    We offer varitey of age ranges for our programs. Majority of our programs are designed for 14-19yrs of age. As we have been growing along side our youth, we have expanding our programs to continue the development of your youth leaders. Many of our leadership opportunies and mentorships are availalbe for 19-24yrs of age.
  • As a youth do I have to be a "techie" to get involved?"
    No, We understand youth come from different backgrounds and different ideas of what they want to do as a career. Our goals is to provide as much opportunites for youth to explore careers, learn some code and become tech advocates in whichever career you develop in. Maven Youth is investing in young leaders to be tech knowledgable to be hireable and be informed of all the ways technology and strengthen your leadership.
  • As a Tech Professional, how can I get involved with Maven Youth programs."
    Tech professionals play a huge role in our programs. We rely on tech professioals to be the face of the tech indstury, to be our partners in providing mentorshop with youth exploring careers in tech. Our campfire chats, Tech Career Panels are great opportunies for adults to be part of programs and ways to give back to our LGBT+ Youth community.
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